Monday, June 25, 2012

Water Refilling Station Business Guide

One of the fast expanding business in Manila, and in most Metro cities nationwide, is the water refilling station. It's mushrooming on every street corner, because a lot of people in urban areas prefer to get their drinking water from these water stations, it's simply clean and safe to drink. Over the years, as the demand for cleaner water becomes higher, the price of household water purifiers and bottled water has become prohibitive. Water refilling stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the public's drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters.
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Jessie said...

My brother used to be in this business of setting up station and I will not mention the name of the company he used to work for.
Unfortunately, when he set up his own company he was cheated by his staff kaya nagsara.
Right now he is on wheel chair, with amputated leg and partially blind because of diabetes.
But his mind is still sharp. There are are still people who call him for the problems they encounter. He knows the system by heart and he can offer solutions.
Three months ago he was able to set up one more station for a friend and people could not believe that it was he who designed the sysytem and made it work.
Last week he conducted a training for 4 technicians and 2 sales people of his friend.
This morning I thought of wrining a manual for him for his maintenence medical expenses but what a coincidence to see this post.
To those who needs his help you may contact him at this number: 09062762366.
Please be generous enough to compensate him for his services via Western Union.

Shanghai-Orly said...

If I am not mistaken,your talking of tatay Mar Castillo.

How I wish I can visit him, he is my former colleague and adviser.

manny said...

Hi, Guys Maybe you can help me figure this things out, I have a water station business last month I paid 2834php for commercial use. NAWASA wrote me a letter saying that they will make me into Industrial zone. I know for sure that making me into industrial if i am selling more than 10000 gallons per day, I am not a big time player like Absolute, Wilkens or Summit that produces way above 10000 gallons per day, that is way too much and my water bill for September 2010 is 7120php How can you make a profit? give me a suggestion on my landline 02-2448175 Manny

Shanghai-Orly said...


I would prefer you visit our office so that we can discuss thoroughly the details of your machine operation,configurations and other pertinent data. Please send your email address,
We will be emailing you our location map so that we can set an appointment.

You can call this numbers and look for Chai..5679990,5679991,5679992,5679993,5679994,

judy said...

im planning to put up a water refilling station here at iloilo, but ihave no idea on how to start/manage the business, and how much capital i need. could you please help me, tnx

Shanghai-Orly said...


Kindly send us your contact details for us to discuss your concern further or contact us @ (02) 567-9990 to 95 and look for chai.

vjayskie said...

hello mr. orly... anu po address ng office nyo para malaman q din kung anu ung mga process ng WRS business??...

Shanghai-Orly said...


Ito po yong address namin:

3453-55 V. Mapa st., Sta. Mesa,Manila
or call us @ 567-9990 to 95 and look for chai for appointment.

Thank you sir!! hope to see you soon.

Shanghai-Orly said...


Here is our address;

3453-55 V. Mapa Extn., Sta. Mesa, Manila or call us @ 567-9990 to 95
and look for chai.

Thank you sir and hope to see you soon!!

russ said...

I am interested of putting up a purifying station in my place. My source of water is a spring which I intend to develop for this business.
Please provide me information on where to purchase the equipment both filtration and bottling process. Building requirements, price quotes, etc.

Thank you

Shanghai-Orly said...


Please send us your email address or visit us @ 3453-55 V. Mapa Extn, Sta. Mesa St., Manila;
Tel no: 567-9990 to 95 and look for Chai for us to give you the full details of your query.

Thank you

Frel said...

hello,gud day, we're planning to put a water refilling station here in Davao city..can you help me to find a supplier for the machinery?..thanks so much!..

Shanghai-Orly said...


Good Day!

We have a branch there in Davao city @ Lachmi Shopping Mall 3rd floor.

you may call them @ (082)227 - 8133 and look for frank for any questions.

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir Charlie,

Saan napunta yong ginawa kung blog last 12/15/10 nawala kasi cya?

Thank you

irvin_anthony14 said...

Sir Orly I really appreciate your thoughts & your knowledge that you share from all the readers here! By the way I'm Irvin from Marikina. My wife and I are planning to put up a water refilling business soon but we don't have proper knowledge or experience in this business. Can you please help me on this.

Here's my Email and cel. no.


dsj said...

Try this software if you are interested guys.

Water Refilling Station Management System (WRSMS) The first and the only Water Station Software in the Philippines

Why buy and use this software?

To eliminate the manual recording of transactions
Increase employee productivity
Improve service to customers
Generate fast and accurate reports
Properly monitor the business performance
Convert active income to passive income

Bottle inventory tracking is a major issue in the water refilling business while water systems loss is another component of potential problems – not to mention pilferage and undocumented sales. Our new software product handles all of these issues.

For more details contact us:
(045) 493-2864
or visit our website

ana_x said...


kamuzta po kau,.balak po kc magtayo ng water refiling sation s lugar nmin s bulacan,.marami po kc akong mga tanong at di naiintindihan s negosyo n gs2 qng pasukin,.napakahirap po kc magtiwala lalo po malaking halaga din ang puhunan my nagsasabi skin n 450k ang puhunan para makpag patayo ng WRS
ang totoo po nyan zero knowledge po aq s negosyo n gs2 qng subukan,.pwede po bang email nyo aq

salamat po,ana

waterboy said...

To all water station owner, managers and those who will open this business soon.

Ganyan din ang problema ko dati sa inventory ng galon.. Sa katagalan mas marami pa ako nainvest na galon kumpara sa presyo ng water refilling machine ko.

Madalas pa kami mapaaway dahil sa pahiram na mga galon

Ngayon hindi na kami nawawalan at alam na namin lahat ng mga pinapahiram. May kumpleto na kaming inventory araw araw.. lahat ng sales accounted na... pati product water accounted lahat kung saan napupunta...

Ang WATER REFILLING STATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ang naging solusyon. Marami na ang nakasubok at gumagamit na nito.. TRY NA

FREE - NO COMMITMENT DEMONSTRATION Contact 0929-1911366 or visit

Know all water station problems and potential loses.

good luck sa water biz NYO


khar19 said...

sir gud day..may plan po din sana ako magpatayo,e kaso nga lang ang prob ko is yung lugar ko outside from metro manila.from zamboanga po here..pano po ba yun?pano po ba ang shifting nya and how much kya will cost?sana po sir you can give me the tips kung san much better..mag franchise ba o own tlga?

Shanghai-Orly said...



Kindly email me your contact details
para matawagan ka namin to discuss
to you the details.

email us @

or txt me @ 09301827665

Thank you very much!

Sir Orly's Secretary

john said...

i have read ur water refill station business guide & advice.. thank you so much for that information it really helps me a lot for the reason i am planning to put up a water refilling station in our locality. i am from antique & no idea what are the things to do do in setting up this kind of business.could you help me me up in this kind of matter? thanks in advance..

joy said...

Sir / Madam,

I am Engr Lovercain De Jesus from Tarlac City. I am an officer in a government run water utility here in Tarlac City since 1999 . Wanting to increase my income stream, I decided to try it abroad, I flew to DOHA QATAR in 2007 but climate and emotion sent me back after 7months. From friends offers, my wife and I decided to put up a water refilling station in Concepcion Tarlac. Ohhhh!! putting it up wasnt easy because we didn't expect I will cost us that much from construction, purchase of the filtering assembly, vehicles up to the containers and supplies....etc. But then we opened on November 18, 2007. The BIG TROUBLE came thereafter. Every month we send customers to the BARANGAY for mediation because no matter how good we are in recording, recidivist customers are expert liar when it comes to borrowed container and peso balances. In short bottle tracking, water production and refill monitoring, sales, inventory, and the lack of good ledgering and monitoring system begun decaying our hard earned investments.

In 2008, together with a friend, we gave birth to WRSMS - WATER REFILLING STATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. For a year we conducted interviews to water station owners, delivery boys, customers, we attended seminars, blogs, forums, read management books, financial, investment books, technical etc to come up with a complete system an all-in-one WRSMS.

Last year (Sept 06, 2009) my wife and I ( with the software )opened a new water station branch in Tarlac City. Expanded marketing. If its GODS WILL we are looking forward to opening 1more branch per year.

Now we have more time for the children and the family.

Hope you come to visit us soon or see our free demonstrations.

Thank you

Engr Lovercain De Jesus

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir John,

For that matter we can really help you a lot in putting up a water refilling station, you only buy from us the vital parts of refilling station the other items we can refer to you in where to purchase.

Sir kindly email us @ watermaster@shanghaioriental or txt me @ 09301827665 for me to discuss you further on what to do in setting up your station.

Thank you,

Sir Orly Secretary

bezdOck said...

Mr Orly where can i find a business plan for WRS? Gusto ko po kasing malaman ang actual investment tsaka sales and income projections nitong business na to. I'm an OFW and seeking and to increase my cashflow.
Thanks po sa blog na to, its very informative. Sana matulungan nyo po ako and hope to do business with in near future.
Thank you.

bwehehe said...

wala bang demo tong software na to?
malayo yung water station namin nasa region 2.

orly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
orly said...


orly said...

Sir bezDock,

Thank you for dropping to our blog.
kindly email us @ so that we can email to you the projected income in water refilling station for us to help you decide on how to increase your cash flow.

Hope to have a business with you in the near future.

Sir Orly Secretary

orly said...

To All Blogger;

You can now email us @ since our account is already not active.

Thank you very much!

arlzy said...

panu po pala pag dry season? at deep well lng ang gamit saan pwede kumuha ng water supply?

042562 said...

sir, puede po bang i double membrane ang machine? pls give a comment. thnx

Shanghai-Orly said...

If you are using a Procon 330 GPH, you can immediately use an additional membrane in series connection to have an incremental increase in production but if you will be adapting the parallel connection,increase in production will be lower.

If you are using 1hp or 1.5 vertical pump,we need to upgrade the system in order for it to become truly effective and functional.
I will be conducting a seminar this AUG 12, 2011 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM,you can contact Rona at this number 567-9990 to 95 for further details.

theresa said...

hi, i am an ofw and wanted to put up a business in water refilling station in quezon city where my family is based. Can you please help and give me an idea and a quotation as to how much would it cost me. thanks!


Shanghai-Orly said...

Madam theresa,

Good morning!
Kindly send to us your email address so that we can email to you the proposal of WRS, or email us

Thank you very much.


Milo said...


may i ask your suggestion on what should i do with my wrs. i'm having problem with it due to pressure drop in my 5-micron gauge. its reading is now 5psi. from my feed pump's apc reading is almost 3 bars. on my multimedia reading is 30psi. then on carbon 25psi. my ro reading is 2gpm at 150psi. i just replaced the content of my mutlimedia frp tank last may 2011. i'm using a new espa 4 only last june 2011. starting mid august, we do backwash almost every night.

my problem is, pressure drop and worry about my membrane.

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir Milo,

If pressure after the 5 mic filter (going to the RO module) is just 5 psi then you are really having a Cavitation Problem or in layman’s term, starvation.

Since pressure is 5 psi then it is expected that your feed volume is also low. You mentioned 2 gpm production at 150 psi but you deed not indicate the reject flow.

I suspect that you were able to get 2 gpm production flow because you have throttled your regulator to reach such production to the extent of almost closing your reject line, and if that is really happening then you are killing your membrane and even slowly damaging you pump head if it is PROCON or ROTOFLOW, or impellers if it is vertical pumps.

To cut this short, you can be experiencing a very complicated and inter connected series of system problems if this incident will go on.

Since you immediate concern is Cavitation, I would suggest that you let your technician call me so that I can get a detailed background of your system, but I guess you do not have a good one because you are asking my opinion, am I right?

Anyway, I will advise you to visit our office so that I can clarify all the details with you or just call me for initial advice, just look for my staff, RONA.

Office Address: 3453-55 V. Mapa Ext. Sta. Mesa Manila with Tel no: 567-9990 to 5.

Milo said...

sir orly,

reject flow is 3.5gpm. yes, you're right. i don't have a good and well verse technician.

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir Milo,

If your product flow is 2gpm and reject flow is 3.5 gpm,then, you do not have Cavitation problem.I assumed you are using the PROCON 330 GPH model.

Maybe the pressure drop concern is attributed to the inaccurate reading from your monitor gauges taking into consideration that your flowmeter is functional.

Other than that,I do not know anything more as per the data you told me not unless we conduct a detailed evaluation of your system.

Milo said...

hi sir orly,

right now, reject water is almost at 2 gpm if i set the ro pressure at 150 psi / 2 gpm. after multimedia it is 30 psi and same with carbon. then 5 micron pressure is arnd 10-12 psi. my worry is, there's almost no more reject water.

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir Milo,

This is contrary to the data you gave me before. If that is the case, my initial assessment is correct that you indeed are having a Cavitation Problem.

You can call Rona so that she can recommend a technician that will troubleshoot your problem.

Milo said...

sir orly,

may i ask what is cavitation?

Shanghai-Orly said...

Sir Milo,

Starvation is the layman's term for “Cavitation”. If volume of water being supplied to a particular unit is less than its required volume then there is a water supply shortage known as “Cavitation”.

Your RO motor is receiving less volume of water compared to its volume capacity that is why your membrane is producing low volume and as you try to increase its volume it reaches a point wherein you reject line is almost close and the system pressure also increases which will eventually damage your membrane and if your low pressure devices is not functional, it may also lead to vacuum problem or crumpling of your FRP tanks.

SDew said...


i have a few questions that you might be able to help us.

1. how can we clean a round container with a mild mold on it? by brush or by shaking it with used activated carbon? if by brush, how can we make one or is there a for sale one?

2. how can we remove safely old markings of sticker labels from the containers?

3. is there a way we can help mother nature by not using anymore cap seals or those disposable 5-gallon caps?

4. what is the best filter to use before raw tank? we're using deep well. i tried already bb20 pleated and sediment filter. pleated cost high but can last for almost a month or a little more. while sediment filters, in just 3 days, there are signs of huge cracks but cost very cheap compared to pleated. can we customize a filter for the source tank?

thanks in advance!

princess matet said...

I am planning to put up a water refilling station in Misamis occ. and I plan to set-up in my garage, it has the required space of 25 square meter. If I purchased the water purification system in Manila, how much additional cost to cover shipping and installation. What preparations should be done in the planned area of set-up prior to installation of the Unit. also, kindly provide me with an additional information (dimensions of the unit) and quotation for a complete package @

Thanks and more power,



john said...

im john, my friend and I are very interested to put up water refilling station in cebu. i would like to ask these following question:
1. is this king of business it still feasible in cebu city since there are many water stations thats why the price is really low?
2. Is it best to have refilling machines for big bottles and packaging machine for small bottles?
3. how much is the estimated capital to put up this business?
4.which is best alkaline water or mineral water in terms of safety and shelf life?

john said...

im john, my friend and I are very interested to put up water refilling station in cebu. i would like to ask these following question:
1. is this king of business it still feasible in cebu city since there are many water stations thats why the price is really low?
2. Is it best to have refilling machines for big bottles and packaging machine for small bottles?
3. how much is the estimated capital to put up this business?
4.which is best alkaline water or mineral water in terms of safety and shelf life?

john said...

im john, my friend and I are very interested to put up water refilling station in cebu. i would like to ask these following question:
1. is this king of business it still feasible in cebu city since there are many water stations thats why the price is really low?
2. Is it best to have refilling machines for big bottles and packaging machine for small bottles?
3. how much is the estimated capital to put up this business?
4.which is best alkaline water or mineral water in terms of safety and shelf life?

Shanghai-Orly said...

hello Sir John,

Can I have you email address for me to discuss you futher your concern with regards to our dealer in cebu.

or email me at

thank you and more power

Nel said...

Hi Orly,

Nag email po ako sa inyo sa shanghaiorly pero mukang invalid email. Can I have your celphone number so that we can talk personally? Please text me at 0916 633 7037. Im planning to own WRS.

Thank you!

raenriquez said...

I would like to thank the person who made this blog. I have lots of client from this blog alone.

I am Richard Enriquez and if you have any other question please email me at or call me at 09328804972

Thank you again ang God Bless.

Unknown said...

may i ask what model of hydranautics is the yqs model? is it espa 1 or 3 or 4? is the yqs model for deep well water? i'm trying to google it but can't find the yqs model.

Shanghai-Orly said...


Yqs is also one of the model of hydranautics made in china, it is a counter part of espa 3 u.s.

claire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
claire said...

sir orly,

I have lot's of question in my mine on how to start business regarding this water refilling station. I dont know who is my supplier if i go with type of business. I am claire labad and i want not so big but only meniral refilling station. pls help me what to do.
this my emailadd or you can contact to me 09054317229

thank you so much

Christy Lopez said...

Good day. I was just wondering if anybody here who already have established the business, my husband has already perfected the Water Refilling System which keeps track of your Daily Sales, Inventory of Bottles and Customer Informations List. The software has been used for 2years now and we thought of endorsing it to those who are interested. You may contact me at my mobile number 0916-3132476 or email me at Good luck and God bless.

elen said...

Hi! marami nga station ngayon kasi nga ay madali lang i-mange. how can we profit under this situation?

lance gonzales said...

hi sir orly,
your blogs are of big help to us who plans and interested to set up WRS.
i already started constructing bldg. can you please provide or recommend me a supplier in cebu who can help me on this.
thanks a lot.
my email add

Vince said...

Hi Mr. Orly, I am very interested on setting up a franchise in Iloilo, can you please email me quotes and other information about the water refilling business at that would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks,


SDew said...


maybe someone is interested with my wrs ( i'm selling it coz me & my family will migrate soon.


Brent Tejano said...

Hi Sir,

Good day! Laking pasalamat ko at napindot ko ito, i think eto na ung chance how to manage the water station properly kasi honestly po wala talaga akong alam sa mga ganyan. Business po kasi sya ng dad ko, kaso he past away na.. I dont know how to start and what to do sir. Please help me! napapabayaan ko ung tubigan, :( contact me asap 09163596303 / 4560400.

SDew said...

i'm selling my water refilling station. still operating with corporate clients in alabang and a kia delivery van. for more info, go to this link > rfs: will be leaving soon.


Jan Abuan said...

hi ask lng po kung pwede po ako mag wrs base sa alam kong mga filters na hindi na dadaan pa sa franchise, and ipatest ko nlng sa water testing for business, anu po ung mga dapat malaman and regarding din sa mga papers na kakailanganin, and sir shanghai-orly sa shanghai oriental po ba kayo? thanks sir god bless heres my number so call me maybe 09276125780,

Christy Lopez said...

Good day! If anybody is in need of a Water Refilling System Software (WRSS) you may try our demo at , just download the link and use the given credentials for demo version.

If you have any questions, please do email us at or contact us at mobile number 0916-3132476.

Thank you.

Manuel said...

Want to put up WRS at Cavite, I am retired OFW. Ang source ng water dito ay deep well. tanong ko lang kung walang possible problem in the future regarding this type of source

John Edwards said...

simple mobile bill payI think this post will be of great help for me in improving my knowledge related to online/automatic mobile recharge.Thanks, All the best.

Mark Cabales said...

Good day!

Sir Orly,

I am Mark from Cagayan de Oro City, and I am planning to put up a WRS in Malaybalay City. Due to lack of idea on how to start this kind of business I am seeking for your help. Do you have a branch or office here in CDO City? This is my email address

rimagon said...

Sir Orly. I am an OFW and would like to try this business. Could you please send me thru e-mail on how to operate it and is it still productive in terms of profitability in QC area? How does it operate and how much is the capital investment and operational cost per month...
thanks and God Bless!
My email address is:

Arthur Cabasag said...

hi guys, just want to us some help to set up a water refilling business. i have no idea how to start a business like this. hope some body can help me.

arthur cabasag
email add.

Andrew Rull said...

Good day sir. isa po akong ofw at next month po babalik na po ako ng pinas to stay for good. Plano ko po Sana magtayo ng business na water refilling station. Is it possible to seek assistance from you on how to manage the business "water refilling station". Thank you
My email address:

Douglas Rey B. Berido said...


Hello world - as they often say it in the whole wired world.

I just set-up a three (3) membrane capacity water station. This station is actually producing water to support my three other water station. To meet demand I start operating from 7AM and shut down at about 10PM of continuous RO processing. Total output per day is 11000 liters or 2900 gallons of product water. That's really stretching the machine to the limit.

Understandably after two (2) months of operation my permeate flow rate is now down to 15% and obviously needing cleaning. I know the rate is fast as I made an error in water softening calculations. I was able to correct it now after reading SHANGHAI-ORLY'S blog.

What is the best water pump cap (in terms of HP) is needed to circulate the chemicals in the membrane. Someone told me a 1/2 HP water pump is ideal to keep contact time of chemical and membrane surface just a little longer for ideal interaction. However, someone else explained that does not matter because we keep on recirculating the chemical for about 15 mins. Ano ba talaga.

Please help.

Karl Dionela said...

I am selling my existing Crystal Clear water station along commonwealth avenue in quezon city. 5 months pa lang sya and around 55K monthly cash flow. everything is working. assume operation na lang

550k kung store lang, 700k kung kasama delivery van plus franchise transfer fee. check out the full ad below

Toto JC said...

Where can we buy consumables such as cap seals, filters, stickers, 5 gallons containers, slim containers? Much the better if the location of the suppliers is in Davao city or neighboring provinces. I'm planning to buy in wholesale because I'm planning to be a distributor in our place. Thanks.

christinelarino said...

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