Friday, June 15, 2012

Water Refilling Station Checklist

One of fast expanding business in Manila, and in most Metro cities nationwide, is the water refilling station. It's mushrooming on every street corner, because a lot of people in urban areas prefer to get their drinking water from these water stations, it's simply clean and safe to drink.

This is the reply from an ex-OFW about my inquiries of setting-up a water refilling station. He's an owner and supplier.

Sir ito po ang complete information ko about water refilling station. In here meron po akong offer for 1000gpd, mga tips at requirements sa wrs. About your questions... ROI maybe a year...kasi we all know that the first three months ay more on marketing.

If you will really decide to go into this business, I am willing to help you, I do not mind visiting the site kun meron na kayo. I will give you ideas how to run the business...Promo ko po yan sa first five customers ko.Salamat and you will not regret going into this business...

Go into water refilling station business because:
  1. You can earn 40 thousand a month.
  2. Very easy to operate and can be installed right under your home.
  3. Water is a basic need. Your customer will grow as time goes by. You can pass the business to your kids and generation ahead.
  4. Lot of people really made it big because of this business. Do not let somebody do it before you do.
  5. You will be proud and happy to own a water refilling station (speaking from experience).

1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Unit.

1. Filters:
- 10x54" FRP (blue), Multimedia filter with timer head
- 10x54"FRP (blue), Granular Activated Carbon, with timer head
- 10x54" FRP (Blue), Softener with timer head and brine tank
- 20" slim (blue), 5 micron sediment filter
- 20" slim (blue), polishing filter

2. Reverse Osmosis Unit
- 1 no. 2.5x40" R.O. membrane w/ stainless casing
- ½ hp procon pump, USA
- Low pressure controller
- 2 flowmeters
- 2 Pressure gauges
- stainless steel frame
- Control Panel for automation.

3. Water tanks
- 210gallons stainless steel raw water tank
- 210 gallons stainless steek product tank

4. Disinfection
- Ultraviolet - Germicdal (5GPM)

5. Pumps , motors
- 0.5hp pumps, stainless head, Italy complete with 21 gallons s/s pressure tank, pressure switch at gauge.
- 0.5 hp pumps (raw), stainles head, Italy with switch and gauge.

6. Installation :
- Installation and supply of pipes for 25sqmeter area is included in our offer.

7. Warranty
- 1 year warranty for mechanical parts
- 6 months warranty for electrical parts

8. Delivery:
Free within Metro Manila

9. Support
1 year technical support.
1 week training of your staff.

10. Package Price: P250,000.00 only
Advantages of our system
- The system is fully automatic and requires minimum maintenance and monitoring.
- The system can be upgraded upto 2000GPD with minimum cost.
- Pumps are from Italy
- Protection from low pressure, overload and short circuit.

I do not sell just to make money but also to help good and hard working people to survive this test in life - that is my commitment I know this business and I have learned to love it. Let me share my blessing. I am willing to help.

Water Refilling Station Costing, requirements and other important informations.
A. Capital Computation
a. 1000GPD water purification
b. Renovation of the station
c. Sign board
d. Stickers
e. 100 Bottles slim
f. 100 Bottles round
g. Motorcycle
h. two layer side car
i. Paper , documentation
j. Water testing
k. heat gun
Say total capital

B. Cost, Sales, and Profit
  • Rent 5,000
  • Meralco 6,000
  • Water 3,500
  • Driver salary 4,500
  • Refiller salary 3,000
  • Fuel 1,500
  • Telephone 500
  • Depreciation 2,500
  • Maintenance 1,000
  • Consumables 1,000
Total cost 28,500
Sales for 1000GPD
Gallons (24hr.period) 1000
Bottles (5gal container) 200 bottles
Monthly (26days) 5,200 bottles
Sales (P35per bot) 182,000.00
Net Profit 153,500.00 monthly

Kung half lang ng capacity ang nabenta..meaning 100 bottles per day.
Sales = 91,000
Net profit 62,500.00 monthly, 64,000 monthly not bad pa rin di ba? Of course habang dumadami ang bottles produced at customer you may need to employ one more driver to accommodate the delivery.

C. Important Requirements:
  1. 25sq meters of space
  2. Good source of water. Total Dissolved Solids must be below 500ppm. Meron ako tester na ginagamit to know ang TDS ng tubig. Above this TDS (500ppm) baka the quality ng product ay maapektuhan.
D. Papers required for acquiring the License for your WRS

  1. DTI
  2. Barangay permit
  3. Mayor's permit
  4. Sanitary permit from Municipality or DOH
E. Suggestions:

E1. Location
  1. You do not need to rent spacious place at along highway or road dahil tataas lang ang operating cost mo. If you have 25sqmeter sa bahay mo that will be enough. Or if you will rent naman siguro maximum take a place that would cost from 5000 to 10,000 maximum at dapat meron agreement for 5 years at least.
  2. If you are inside a well populated subdivision, very good because from the subdivision itsel you can easily earn 2 to 4k sales per day. At matipid pa sa gasolina.
  3. You do not need to be along the highway dahil 90percent of your sales will be home delivery.
E2: Equipments.
  • Actually you are saving if you will get higher capacity of Reverse Osmosis purification unit. You need to run the system half of the time(12hrs. Only) to produce 1000 gallons. Anyway, yung equipments naman ay madali i-upgrade.
  • If you can afford, get the fully automatic system. Wala ka ng babantayan na mapupuno or aapaw sa tanke. Just switch it on at it will automatically start and stop when empty at full na ang mga tangke.
E3: Delivery

You should have an idea kung saan ang maging market mo. Kung subdivision lang..motorcycle na lang ang biling mo dahil it can carry 25 bottles din at matipid sa gasolina. In our case P500 full tank every 8-10days. Noong jeep ang gamit namin it is P100 per day. Some uses padyak lang. Kung posible sa lugar niyo why not.

Contract : others will have a contract with motorcycle drivers P5 per gallon commission para ideliver ang tubig.

I design, supply and install water refilling station. Just do not forget to let me quote at least
when you come to a point of really starting a business.

Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon.

Good luck and God Bless,
Richard A. Enriquez -


startthinking said...

The calculation about the water refilling station you make here is completely wrong. The whole investment is at least 1.000.000. The salaries you mentioned here are only the half of the truth.Fuel for 1500 a month, I can only laugh about this. We need 15.000 - 18.000 a month. All in all I warn everybody to open a water refilling station. You will not win money like me. The only one who wins is the franchising company. If you still want to open one you can buy my equipment for the half I bought it. It is only 2,5 years old.

rey urbiztondo said...

Gud day.i'm interested n putting up WRS in our city pls send me the price package , inclusions /conditions and payment terms and the charges for the freight and handling since im from Valencia City,Bukidnon. immediate response will be highly appreciated.thanks.."

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